Monday, 7 May 2018

Ayurvedic Treatment For Leucorrhoea To Prevent Vaginal Infection

Shveta Pradara is another name of Leucorrhoea in ayurveda, caused due to impaired Kapha dosha and Rasa dhatu in the body. Common disorder found in females Leucorrhoea refers to experiencing discharge of thick whitish sticky fluid from vagina sometimes accompanied with foul odour. It can be very frustrating and uncomfortable as it always keeps the vaginal area wet with unpleasant smell.

The consistent secretion of fluid vitiates the normal vaginal PH balance of 3.5 - 4.5 inviting various vaginal infections and STDs due to presence of bacteria and yeast. Bacterial infections take place due to replacement of healthy bacteria with unhealthy ones which causes vaginitis, condition of inflammation and pain in vagina.  Yeast infections can also incur with inflammation and redness, accompanied with burning sensation, micturition, pain and discomfort.

To prevent build up of moisture in crotch area in order to avoid vaginal infections it is recommended by doctors to use clean cotton undergarments and avoid wearing skin fitted clothes. It is also advisable to avoid use of perfumes or deodorants as they can vitiate PH balance, keep the toilet clean with disinfectant, make douches (vaginal wash) after using toilets and consult a doctor before the condition gets worse.

Best treatment to cure Leucorrhoea safely and from roots is through herbal and natural way of healing from Ayurvedic medicines. Majority of population have believe and faith in this age old  system of medicine which is based on extracting medicinal properties from the pure herbs and applying them in combination of modern science to cure the disorders and body ailments in the best way naturally without any side effects.

Based on the principles of ayurveda, Sexclinics offers highly effective medication for females which treats the disorder of white discharge and provides prompt relief from vaginal infections.  The herbal medication strengthens muscles and tissues of reproductive system, prevents excessive secretion of estrogen tp promote balance. The vital nutrients are helpful to remove toxins and balance PH level. The active herbs shatavari, neem, ashwagandha, ashoka, lodhra and nagkesar ensure reduction of blood impurities, improve blood circulation, prevent vaginal infections, and maintain PH balance.

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