Tuesday, 3 April 2018

What is diabetes? How does diabetes affect the body?

It is important to know and understand diabetes thoroughly before you start its medication and help yourself to overcome it. So, What is Diabetes? It is a condition in which pancreas in the body loses its ability to produce enough insulin as required or the body doesn’t functions well to utilise the insulin produce in efficient manner.

Insulin is needed to let pass the glucose from bloodstream to the cells in order to release energy but in the diabetic condition body becomes unable to produce insulin or utilise the insulin produced due to which the sugar level keeps on increasing in higher levels than normal.

How does Diabetes affect the body and organs?

The increased level of sugar in bloodstream may cause multiple organ failure and severely affects their functioning.

The Circulatory System:
  •        Condition of high levels of blood glucose doubles the risk of Cardiac arrest and elevates High Blood Pressure as the fat deposition in blood vessels can put strain on nerves and restricts flow of blood properly which ultimately causes heart strokes or heart failure. 
  •          Improper blood flow may decrease sensation in legs and hands to the extreme which tends to prevent body from sensing any harm or infections to the body. 
  •     Condition of increased blood sugar initiates high cholesterol problems leading to serious complications.

The Central Nervous System:

  •          Condition of Diabetes brings damage to nerves which makes body incapable of sensing dangers and makes you more susceptible to injuries. 
  •          Healing injuries becomes slow due to poor blood circulation in the body. 
  •          High glucose levels increases the risk of diabetic retinopathy which may lead to loss of vision or blindness gradually.

The Urinary System:
  •         Kidneys are adversely affected and can be damaged due to high blood sugar; in extreme cases kidney failure can also take place as the blood vessels of kidney gets damaged. 
  •          Diabetes makes kidney incapable of filtering wastes from blood and removes water from the body which results into serious fatal infections.

The Endocrine, Excretory and Digestive Systems: 
  •       Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) is a dangerous condition promoted by diabetes and if left untreated may cause coma or death. Symptoms of DKA include extreme thirst, frequent urination, nausea, dry mouth, abdominal pain and fatigue. 
  •          Vomiting, heartburn and nausea can also be experienced due to stomach’s inability to get empty completely due to high glucose levels. Diarrhoea and constipation occur very frequently accompanied with pain and discomfort due to slow movement of food into small intestine.

How to cure Diabetes with Ayurveda?

For getting control over Diabetes ayurvedicexperts from Sanjivani Ayurvedashram have prepared 100% herbal medication with a blend of pure and unique herbs from nature. Herbs from this preparation actively participate to activate pancreas and stimulate insulin at the required level and also promotes functioning of organs to unitise the insulin produced at the optimum level and keeps you healthy and fit.

Herbal ingredients like neem, haldi, vijaysar, methi, bael, karela and ashwagandha from this preparation strengthens immune system, balances hormonal disorder and metabolic rate, nourishes body organs and prevents them from getting strokes and inhibits failure.

It is advisable to reduce sugar intake in all forms, avoid carbohydrate and starch rich food products and include balanced healthy diet with half an hour of exercise or yoga.

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