Friday, 7 September 2018

What is Vitiligo and Cure for Leucoderma Vitiligo

Vitiligo (Shwitra) is a chronic (Deergha Roga) and should be treated immediately. It is known to be possibly an autoimmune disease, where it is said that body’s immune system mistakenly starts destroying its own melanocytes present in the skin which results into depigmentation of skin. Disorder of the immune system can lead the body to react and begin to lose pigment in the skin.

Irregular patches of white spots can be gradually seen throughout various body parts such as near mouth, eyes, on hands, feet, neck and areas having direct exposure of sunrays which later combine to form broader patches all over the body by the time and in absence of proper treatment. However, every white spot is not a vitiligo, other conditions such as dandruff motley, white dandruff etc are often confused by patients and even non-specialist.

This phenomenon of vitiligo however can occur due to other various factors also like excessive intake of vitamin C, eating together food of opposite nature (Fish and Milk), gastric disorders, hereditary conditions, chronic liver dysfunctions, impurities of blood, severe stress, long term presence of parasites in the alimentary canal etc. Each patient responds to different degrees and time in the ayurvedic treatment. The response of the disease in ayurvedic treatment depends on the condition of immune system. Vitiligo on the scalp may affect hair color, leaving white spots or streaks, and thus affect facial and body hair.

Sanjivani Ayurvedashram has brought you a natural medicine to cure vitiligo from roots. This herbal supplement is scientifically proven for its capability to produce pigmentation in areas lacking color. Comprised of natural herbs like chiraita, nagkesar, Khadira, bakuchi, bhallataka, mulaka, daruharidra, aragvadha, haritaki etc it purifies blood from impurities, removes toxins, harmonises hormonal imbalance and eradicates parasites from the body. This ayurvedic medication when consumed as prescribed strengthens immune system, reduces stress, corrects digestion, rejuvenates skin tissues and promotes growth of melanin to cover white spots and treat it permanently. 

Being a tested and approved ayurvedic herbal medicine it works magically to reduce white spots just after few weeks and also helps you to get your naturally glowing, smooth, spotless and wonderful skin back naturally. As it is an ayurvedic treatment it doesn’t gives you any harmful side effects and gently works on your body and skin.


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