Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Sexual Dysfunction in Males and Females

Due to our biological, socioeconomic, cultural, moral and behavioural aspects in India, most of the men and women experience hesitation and embarrassment to discuss about Males and Females sexual dysfunction to their partners, peers and even in consultation with doctor for treatment. The condition has become common and severe as about 40 % of females and 30% of males are suffering from the sexual disorders respectively, which is increasing day by day due unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle.
It is a surprising fact that there are number of surveys and medication available for male sexual disorders but only few have vocalized for female sexual disorders. Also, it is a matter to worry that in India no surveys have been conducted if compared to other countries, which leads to the lack of proper sex education and knowledge.

Sexual Dysfunction in Males
Mostly men in their middle to old age of between of 40 – 60 yrs experience various sexual disorders due hormonal imbalance, hyper tension, diabetes, hardness in the veins, irregular and unhealthy diet habits, excessive masturbation, lack of exercise and others.

Erectile Dysfunction: ED can be described as a condition when a man fails to get firm erection or the erection doesn’t lasts enough longer to meet the expectation of the partner to reach the level of orgasm, which may create sourness in the relationship if not treated on time.

Premature Ejaculation: If the ejaculation takes too early during the sexual activity it is termed as premature ejaculation, which may occur due to anxiety about sex, consumption of antidepressants, sexual trauma etc.

Loss/Lack of Libido: Stress, depression and anxiety are the common reasons behind low libido; less production of testosterone hormone is another cause of decreased interest and desire in the sexual activity.

Sexual Dysfunction in Females
Females Sexual Disorders can be categorised as follows:

Dryness in Vagina: Vaginal dryness is caused due hormonal imbalances, during or after menopause, breastfeeding, psychological issues and anxiety. It results into low arousal and libido problems as the vagina doesn’t get lubricated properly which makes the sexual activity painful and unpleasant.

Painful Intercourse: Poor lubrication, ovarian cysts, vaginitis and vaginismus are the conditions which make sexual intercourse painful and may create sexual phobia in women.

Orgasm Disorder: Lack or inability to get the orgasm, climax of the sexual activity, may occur due to lack of proper sex education, inexperience, mental trauma, anxiety and guilt.

Leucorrhoea: Imbalance of estrogen hormone may develop a condition of leucorrhoea in women, wherein females experience thick, yellowish, foul smelling vaginal discharge commonly known as ‘Whites’, tiredness and pain in cervical region may accompany with it.

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