Thursday, 22 February 2018

The Causes of Obesity - How Do People Really Become Obese?

India has been listed on third rank in top 5 countries that have a large number of populations suffering from the disease of obesity, making it a concerned topic to discuss about. Many people don’t even realise that they have become obese, till they start facing serious health issues associated with obesity. To fight back the disease it is necessary to first understand it to the core.

Fat is an essential element in the body, it is required in ample amount for the proper and smooth functioning of the body and its system. When a condition occurs in which much fat is accumulated than necessary due to overeating, lack of exercise makes people overweight and obese. If Calorie intake increases more than metabolic rate and doesn’t get burn through physical activity it starts getting stored as a fat in various body parts causing health related problems likewise diabetes, hypertension, heart attack.

Causes of Obesity:

Physical inactivity: Technology has reflected adversely on lifestyle from decades. Various machines have been invented today to make life easier and get the things done without any efforts in less time. Everyone is used to get work done electronically rather than manually, which has increased the rate of physical inactivity.

Eating Habits: In today’s busy lifestyle people really don’t have time to think what should be eaten and the necessity of physical fitness has left behind. People are eating what is easily available in the markets without knowing its pros and cons, if there is even any nutrient value in it. Unhealthy and processed foods have become inseparable part of diet; it increases the intake of calories and is rich in carbohydrates, which plays an active role to make a person obese.

Certain Medical Disorders: Hypothyroidism, Prader-Willi Syndrome, Cushion’s syndrome may cause obesity. Arthritis being a disease in which person has limited physical activity can also bring obesity.

Genetic: Genes are another mode of getting obesity; it might be inherited from generations to generations. The risk of getting obese increases in a child if any of the parents are suffering from the disorder. It depends upon genes how efficiently body converts the fat into energy while workout.

Age: As the age increases in numbers it keeps on changing the mechanism of metabolism. Ageing slows down the stamina, metabolic rate and physical activity which results into being obese. Despite of high metabolic rate children also getting obese rapidly due to their high intake of calories via processed food.

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