Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Are you suffering from Psoriasis? Here are few suggestions to keep your condition stable!

What is Psoriasis?
Psoriasis is a condition where the skin becomes dry and starts producing flakes of scaling skin with thick and dry plaques which appears like red patches on the skin accompanied with itching and pain. It is commonly found on the skin of elbow, knee and scalp. In winter season or in colder atmosphere the condition gets worse if compared to summer season. The production of dry flakes on skin is the result of rapid reproduction of the cells which may be caused due to various factors such as; overactive immune system, blood impurities, environmental changes, sunburn, stress, skin infection, unhealthy dietary habits, genetic disorders, physical injury, consumption of alcohol, side effects of medicines and pitta problems.

The disease can be very frustrating and irritating as itching and pain makes daily routine tasks difficult to perform. It is a not a communicable disease but it is commonly found in members of same family. Joints and nails also get affected by psoriasis.

How to cure Psoriasis and keep it stable?
According to Dermatologists, initial mild psoriatic spots can be treated with herbal creams, lotions, sprays and sometimes injections also, as the treatment depends upon individualism approach. Few suggestions to keep psoriasis stable are as follows:

  •          Keep your skin moisturized all the time with petroleum jelly  
  •       Soak your body in the water with added Epsom salt, oatmeal or Dead Sea salt, which will remove dry flakes and reduces itching and pain. 
  •          Avoid scratching your skin due to itching instead apply herbal lotions or creams as per the guidance of your dermatologist 
  •          Avoid munching on spicy and unhealthy processed food 
  •          Include green vegetables and fruits in your regular diet. 
  •          Due to disinfectant properties apple cider vinegar is used to treat psoriasis. 
  •          After application of moisturizers or ointment it is suggested to wrap it up to set it for longer period. 
  •          Avoid dairy products but it is advised to include ghee in your diet as it alleviates the dryness of skin 
  •          Stay away from smoking and alcoholism.

Ayurvedic treatment is a natural way for the remission of psoriasis. Natural herbs like kutki, neem chirayata, turmeric, guggul, giloe, garlic and manduka parni show very effective results to cure and stabilize psoriasis on use. Panchkarma therapies are another way of treatment in Ayurveda, which can give you relief from psoriasis permanently. Practicing pranayam reduces stress and releases negativity.

Sanjivani Ayurvedashram offers unique and complete ayurvedic treatment for psoriasis in Ghaziabad. The treatment involves application of herbal moisturizers or lotions with medicinal herbs, blood purification process and in some cases panchkarma therapies are also practised.

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